What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the creation of a three-dimensional virtual environment, to which the user can experience and interact with as if they were really there. The user can manipulate objects within this environment or just simple interact with them. One important way VR increases the immersion of a user’s experience, is to increase their field of view within this virtual environment, usually around an 110° field of view.

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At the moment VR can be experienced via four methods:

PC based operations

HTC Vive

Oculus Rift

Gaming Consoles

PlayStation VR


Oculus Go

Lenovo Daydream


Samsung Gear

Google Daydream

What can Virtual Reality be used for?

Science & Healthcare


Media & Advertisement

Film & Entertainment

Engineering, Construction & Architecture

Education & Heritage

Shopping & Product Visualisation


All the applications for virtual reality stated above have become more possible over recent history due to the development and ease of access to the devices. VR is becoming a common feature on all new smart phones, and with this it presents opportunities for people to share their ideas in a better visual aspect. VR experiences are becoming easier to acquire, but they will all start from a 3D model, whether it will be a character to interact with or a piece of furniture to view and move. All these will be require 3D designers to create.

How can CADPAD help you?

CADPAD can help you create your Virtual Reality, whether it will be for an app that you’re developing or you wish to share your product or idea to potential customers. We have a vast range of Designers from different fields of expertise that can create your models to allow you to experience them in Virtual Reality.