What is a 3D Model?

A three dimensional model (3D model) is a representation of a physical body that uses a collection of points within a 3D space. These points are connected by various geometric entities such as triangles, lines or curved surfaces. They are created by via 3D modelling software otherwise known as computer aided design software. The surfaces of the models can be further defined via texture mapping in order to give the model a realistic appearance.

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What can they be used for?

3D Printing

AR (Augmented Reality)

VR (Virtual Reality)

Video Games


TV and Motion Pictures

Scientific and Medical Imaging

CAD & Manufacturing

3D Models can be divided into two categories


Solid models are ones that define the volume of an object, they tend to have a digital mass to them, this helps there use case within Manufacturing, engineering and medical simulations.  They are usually built with constructive solid geometry.


Shell, or Boundary are communally used within the film and gaming industry, as they just represent the surface of an object for instance, the boundary and not its volume.

3D models are commonly the basis for physical devices that can be produced with 3D Printing or Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machining. If the models are built via solid modelling, they can provide the geometry for machines to either subtractivally or additivally manufacture. These types of models save days, weeks or even months in acquiring a physical product for prototyping and final mass production, which results in:

Faster Time to Market


Quick Testing Results

Better Revenue Stream

Reduced Production Costs

How can CADPAD help you?

CADPAD can help you bring your ideas to life by connecting you to a 3D Designer, whether you require a physical model or a digital one, our services will enable you to select your desired designer that you will be able to communicate with and watch your idea come to life within the WorkSpace. You won’t need to have any third party software or 3D modelling skills, all you will need is:

  1. An Idea
  2. A Sketch (can be as simple as a quick hand drawn sketch)
  3. A CADPAD profile

An idea to design in 1. 2. 3. easy.