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Our customers ❤️ CADPAD

As a creative designer and producer, it’s great to be able to outsource work, where the results will be exactly as required. The system is simple and straight forward to use, from uploading a basic character design, to finding talented designers to 3D model the work to the correct specifications. Communication is key to freelance projects working smoothly, having that one-to-one contact available here, and allowed the workflow and timeline to move as precisely as needed. This service is perfect for designers and modellers to collaborate and produce great work, at a professional industry standard.

Chermagne Barnachea


A great experience, everything was kept very professional. It allowed me to show off my skillset and work towards a client deadline, understanding freelance work before I had even graduated. The opportunity to gain some extra pay for something I did regularly was very much appreciated. I would certainly use this service again.

Maxim Zazulak

CADPAD Designer

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